10 October 2015

Beautifully Said:  Pets


Shadow dressed as a witch and Stormy as a devil for Halloween a few years back. They weren’t too keen on the idea.

I lost my beloved pets in 2013. Shadow, my 60-pound chocolate lab, went in January that year due to an acute case of pancreatitis. She was 12, and she had so much energy right up to the point that she got sick, that I thought for sure I’d have her for a couple more years. I didn’t get to say goodbye because she died in the night at the vet’s office. Stormy was my 85-pound black lab, and she died in July of 2013. She had really long legs and had a blown ACL since 2010, and I think the other one went too. One morning she couldn’t walk. She also had heart problems and laryngeal paralysis for a few years. So I got to say goodbye to her because I had to make the difficult decision to put her down. I knew it was her time to go, and I got to talk to her and hug her before she went. It was easier than getting the call in the early morning to learn about Shadow’s death. Still, I wish that neither one had suffered, even for a minute.

Yes, I’m crying right now. They were my kiddos, and we took care of each other. They brought so much joy into my life.

I saw this in the veterinarian’s office I went to for so many years, although I couldn’t read it every time because it makes me cry. The author is unknown.

I hope to be reunited with my girls someday.

Please share this with friends who have pets, or who have lost them. Please share your stories here about the beloved pets you’ve lost, or a picture, poem, quote: anything about losing a pet that you believe is beautifully said.

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