08 January 2020

Thank you for your support!

Paperbook and ebook

Thank you to everyone who helped make DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN a success since its launch on November 9, 2019! If you’d like to help further and haven’t already done so, please leave a review on Amazon at I have 17 reviews on Amazon right now and they average 4.6 out of 5 stars. If you don’t have an Amazon account, please leave a review on Goodreads at A larger number of positive reviews on Amazon can help with sales, with Amazon placing my book higher in searches and including it with other authors’ books as an Also Bought. Thank you to those of you who have sent me your personal reviews also. It makes my day to know that you enjoyed my book.

DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN is now available in all formats on Amazon: ebook (free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers), audiobook (also on
Audible at,) paperback, and hardcover! The print copies are also available at Barnes & Noble at If you’d like to purchase a personalized print copy you can order directly from me and pay the shipping, which costs $3.27 for one book in the United States, either hardcover or paperback (and sales tax if you’re in Wyoming.) It comes in a special box with some swag. Please message me or use the Contact form on my website at If you have any birthdays or other special occasions coming up, this makes a unique gift.

For those of you who like to read print books from the library, Sheridan, Casper, and Buffalo, Wyoming have my book, although it’s checked out from Casper and Sheridan right now. If your library doesn’t have a copy, you can request that they purchase one. I’ve also distributed my books to the Free Little Libraries in Casper and Bar Nunn, Wyoming, so you might check there for a copy if a FLL in those towns is convenient for you.

In addition to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Sheridan Stationery in Sheridan, Wyoming and Wind City Books in Casper, Wyoming both carry my books. You can request that your local bookstores order copies of my book as well.

Thank you again for supporting me and DAEIOS, and have a great 2020!